Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Joe and Jaclyn

More engagement portraits with Joe and Jaclyn. We ended up at Stockton College where they met and Joe proposed to Jaclyn. They had a pretty good idea of what and where they wanted to go to do their session.It was a lot of fun..

Jonas and Katie

The limo driver got a little lost trying to find the location for the formal group shots, but it was worth it because the photos look great and I think everyone had a pretty good sense of humor about it.

Jonas and Katie at the gazebo near on the lake.

And leaving the church..

And then they danced till they dropped later that night...

This past Friday I shot Jonas and Katie's wedding in Toms River, NJ. The rain held off and I think everyone had a fun time.

Monday, June 8, 2009

TD Bank Philadelphia Cycling Championships

Riders make their way up the Manayunk Wall

After a watching a lap of both men's and women's rider make their way up the wall, we walked over to where they start to come down and around this corner.

Riders would cut the corner so close to the curb my camera lens almost hit them

This year marked the 25th running of the Philadelphia International Championship. Sponsored by TD Bank and presented by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the 156-mile classic remains the longest running and most important single-day cycling road race in the United States. Bethany and I walked around the course and I shot a few photos before my camera ran out of batteries - whoops..

Courtney and Dan

I worked as a second shooter this weekend for my friend Jon Nimerfroh. Working as a second is great because there is no pressure to get any of the "must have" shots, and allowed me to shoot a lot of really cool details. The wedding took place at the Lake House near Quakertown, PA. Make sure to check out Jon's site at www.jdnphotography.net

Katie and Jonas Engagment portraits

I got to meet Katie and Jonas last weekend to shoot their engagement portraits. Their wedding is in just a few short days so it's a good thing we were able to squeeze this in!