Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New England

This past weekend I took a quick trip up to Rhode Island to surf waves from Hurricane Igor. It was a lot of driving around and we managed to find a few good waves.

This wave was almost good enough to surf, but the wind came up and kind of killed that idea. You can see that there's beautiful houses right on the cliff overlooking this place.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lock Haven Labor Day Regatta

Just about every year I try to make it up to Lock Haven to take in the boat races. I usually bring my camera with me and take a few photos in between helping my brother and sister with their racing. It was a little too windy to race on Saturday, but the wind died off enough to race on Sunday.

Alex Jennings races Tim Sidor in 20SSH.

When I was editing the photo, I realized you could see the reflection of the cockpit in Alex's helmet visor.

John Runne thanks his pit crew with a thumbs up after they helped him get started.

Earl Desiato rounds the corner in BSR.

One of the coolest parts about racing in Lock Haven is the unique race course. The town built a grand stand section into the hill. There's also a bridge where spectators can watch. The other part that makes it this race so much fun is the Dash for the Cash - where the CSH class races for $500 in prize money. There were 26 entries and all of them wanted to win.

One of the junior class drivers got a little distracted during the race waving to the spectators on the bridge.