Friday, March 26, 2010

Flyers Cup 2010

This years Flyers Cup was played at a few different venues. The AAA game at the Wachovia Center, the AA game in Hatfield and the rest in West Chester. The AA championship game was last night. Downingtown East vs Council Rock South. Downingtown East is one of my accounts so to see them make it to the finals and win was exciting. There wasn't a spot open where I could shoot without looking through the glass or a net, so I just shot from behind the net.

Downingtown East's fans came out to support the team and had a good time doing it. I especially like the kid on the left who wore his shoulder pads and helmet without a shirt.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More Costa

Since it is the dry season, most of the trees there have lost their leaves and just bake in the sun all day.

We walked around the estuary and came across a pair of birds and I'm pretty sure this guy didn't like us being there too much. I didn't realize until I was editing the photos that they have huge talons that would probably hurt.

Cobblestone shorebreak

Point Magoo

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I've been away the past week on vacation to Costa Rica. I stayed with my good friend Randy Townsend. Randy surfs for a living and spends his winters in Costa Rica. It was a lot of fun to go and not have to work every morning. I got to surf a lot myself and even did a ton of fun tourist stuff.

Secret Spot Sunset

Just about every surf photographer that's been to Playa Grande has this shot, but it's still cool to watch

Randy adopted a little kitten that raised hell the whole time we were there.

Cobblestone reefbreak south of Playa Grande

Aussie Wade Goodall was in town to get a few photos and shoot some video. Halfway through a 360 here.

Prehistoric pelicans surf the waves.

Randy boosting a big air on a little wave during sunset.