Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 10

Getting caught inside at Greenbush didn't really look like fun..

Andrew on a good one

Who's up?

Our skipper @ Maccas

Eagles purch in the tree at Maccas.

Keith after surfing for six hours was still catching waves

and then had to paddle back to his boat

Andrew and the Freedom III

Maccs sunset

By this time, our trip was winding down. Everyone felt like they had had their fill but we were all still anxious to surf. Our first stop was Greenbush - a glorified close out that occasionally stays open. It too has just recently been "found" and surfed. Luckily for me and every other photographer that goes there, it breaks perpendicular to the shore line. It creates a background full of palm trees and tropical jungle. All the boys got a few good ones and even got caught by a few. Everyone escaped from 'em though and after an hour or so we headed back to the boat. The local villagers aren't nearly as familiar with surfers yet as many of the other villages and haven't quite figured out the best way to make money from the boats that pull up to their islands. These guys filled out an order form and presented it to Carrick. They were asking for just about everything on the boat. He anchored the boat a mile or so from the island but that didn't stop these guys from paddling their canoes out to see to try to score. He was pretty nice about it for a while, but eventually told them to "piss off mates". He did explain to us that they do it for themselves. If there was a chief or church group he'd give them certain supplies that would help the village, but these guys are just being greedy and don't share with the rest of the village.
We headed back to Maccas for an afternoon session and pulled up to see just the Freedom III again. Everyone surfed themselves stupid as the surf there had come up since the day or two before that we were there. There's not too many photos from today because I was in the water most of the day. Everyone got a ton of waves and we all enjoyed a few Bintangs that night and watched the sun go down and empty waves go past.

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