Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My new nephew

My brother and sister-in-law just had their first child, Zachary Christian, a few weeks ago. I've had the chance to meet him a few times and finally was able to set up a time to go take his picture. He probably doesn't like me, because he cried just about the whole time I was there, but we still made a few great photos of him.


KGB said...

The pics are adorable..What a doll!
The cutest little Breisacher baby!!

Dad and Kathleen

Great job Uncle Dave!

Joanne said...

Great pix Dave....Thanks for taking the time to give us such great pictures of the newest member of our families. He is very photogenic!!!

Joanne (aka Memom!!)

Kaitlyn said...

Great pictures of the family. Don't worry, Zachary doesn't hate you.