Friday, May 25, 2012

Kristie & Kieran Married at the beach • Stone Harbor Women's Civic Club

Kristie and Kieran may have been the most relaxed easy going bride and groom this year. I guess a living in California making your own brand of wine helps that! (I don't drink on the job, but I had to have a taste and it was delicious). They were my kind of bride and groom. Beach wedding - check. Relaxed, fun, casual and emotional wedding ceremony - check. Tastykakes, Yuengling and a roast pig at the reception - check. Surrounded by lots of family and friends that were there to see them finally get married and celebrate with them - check.
Special thanks to my second shooter Karin Belgrave!

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Lauren jonczak said...

These pictures are beautiful, looks like an amazing wedding. I love the picture of the rings. That is great that there was tastykakes there. My best friend Karen moved to Texas a few years ago and she makes me send her boxes of tastykakes every 3 months. The people at home direct shipping practically know me by name now. I want to have a wedding cake make of all different kinds of tastykakes! Thanks for sharing!