Friday, September 19, 2008

NASCAR at Dover Day 1

Clint Boyer waiting for qualifying

Start of the Camping World Series 150 race

This happened right in front of me. The sound of the car slamming into the wall was incredibly loud.

Ex–motocross star Ricky Carmichael (on the outside) fought for the lead at one point.
Track officials watching the race on the big screen (which was going on 30 yards behind them)

I was able to secure photo credentials for the NASCAR race in Dover through a friend of my mom's who happens to work for an auto magazine in Detroit. He got me hooked up with Action Sports Photography, who actually got my credentials. They provide imagery for Rousch–Fenway racing. Until Thursday night, I thought I was going just to watch the race, and make photos at my leisure, but they called and asked if I would help out on the starting grid Sunday morning. I agreed and was excited to have something to accomplish while I was there outside of my own personal photography.

When I arrived on friday, I could hear cars on the track before I could see it. The track is near a ton of strip malls and shopping area and all the stores sell out space in their parking lots to race fans with giant RVs. I don't think I'll ever see that many RVs in one spot again. I picked up my credentials and was excited to see I had hot pit access so I could go pretty much where ever I wanted.

I parked (in the media parking section right next to the entrance) and walked in with my gear and went right over to pit lane. The Sprint Cup cars were just starting qualifying so I hung out there and took a few shots as the drivers were getting ready to hop into their cars. After qualifying, the Camping World series had a 150 lap race. There wasn't much action, a few spin outs and some good racing. It was cool to see motocross star Ricky Carmichael race, I think he ended up 8th.

That night I stayed at my aunt's house in northern Delaware. It was about a 45 minute ride to the track, but much better than driving all the way back to Phila and I got to hang out with my little cousins .

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