Saturday, September 20, 2008

NASCAR at Dover Day 2

Kyle Busch accepting his poll award

Traffic in the garage area

Working hard to get the car back to the track.

Kyle Busch lead for most the race.

A spinout with 10 laps to go sent three cars to the garage.

Kyle Busch celebrates victory to the dislike of his haters.
And then does about a 30 second long burnout.

I got up at 6 A.M. to make it to the track figuring there would be a ton of traffic. Sure, it was still only Saturday, but these events are known for the horrific traffic. It turns out it wasn't too bad and I got there by 7:15. The Nationwide cars had qualifying so I shot some of that, then met up with Jared and Steven who both work for Action Sports. They were kind enough to let me follow them around and were pretty cool about answering my dumb questions. After qualifying was over they award the poll and have a little ceremony in victory lane. I walked over with Steven and shot photos of Kyle Busch getting the award. It's more of a press and advertising photo opportunity as they just make him hold a flag and put on his different sponsor's hats. He knows the drill as here's been there many times before and was pretty quick about it.

The cup guys had two practices before the Nationwide race started and it was a good chance for me to shoot some photos in the garage while they were working on the cars in between practice laps. The drivers don't pay much attention to people while they're driving through there and if you're in the way the crew guys will just push you out of the way. Dale Earnhart Jr. almost ran me over trying to get into his garage stall and Tony Stewart's crew guy pushed me out of his way so he could get behind the car. It's pretty cool that they let press and people in there while they're in the middle of such serious work. I did manage to get a few good shots of the drivers hanging out and stay out of the way.

Once the Nationwide race started I walked around pit lane making photos of the race action and tried to get some good pit shots too. Most of the time I stayed in the photo tower by the start finish line. I could get good shots of the cars as they were approaching the line and had a pretty good view of most of the track. With 10 laps left to go, I captured a spinout and got five or six good shots out of it. Being right at the start finish, I was also able to shoot the winner, Kyle Busch, getting the flag and getting flipped off by the fans who don't like him. He did a few burnouts, so much that you couldn't see the car through all the smoke. I opted to stay out of victory lane to other photogs could get their shot.

It was 5:30 by the time the race was over and I was prett burnt out from being in the sun all day and listening to the roar of the racing. Traffic wasn't too bad getting out either.

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