Thursday, April 23, 2009


Indonesia Hotel Dog

Malaysia street photography

Malaysia street photography

This lady made the sweetest smoothies

And this guy tried to sell us fish that looked like it was four weeks old, but did have some good chicken

We traveled this morning after staying up late last night. The flight from KL left at 7:30 and only took an hour. The captain had the crew pick us up and take us to a hotel lounge to hang out while they're preparing the boat for our arrival. The wave forecasts look great and everyone is really excited.
Padang is really something special. As I'm writing this, we're sitting outside on the patio overlooking the harbor. Indonesia is a mainly Muslim country and it's now noon. They're playing the prayer music really, really loud, but most of the people we approached today have been really genuine gracious people. No more blogging for another 12 days....

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