Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Indonesia Day1/2

Mountains around Padang

The people in Padang loved to have their picture taken no matter what they were doing.

Randy with our first catch of the trip - a nice little tuna that made for some good sashami later that day

This was the first surf spot we sailed to. Not a bad warm up wave.

So I'm not really sure where I am with this blog thing. The photos above are from the first two days we were in Indonesia. The first day wasn't very much fun. As noted in the previous post, we flew to Padang from KL. It's only about an hour and was a smooth flight. We landed and they were right there to pick us up and take us to a hotel lounge while they prepared the boat for our arrival. It turns out there was a little more maintence that needed to be done and we didn't get on the boat for 12 hours. That gave us plenty of time to walk around the neighborhood to shoot a few photos. We also met the Aussies that would be staying with us and the captain came by at one point to check on us. We passed the rest of the time by trying to access the internet, drinking Bintangs, and getting to know Nick and John.
By the time we finally got the cab to the boat, everyone was tired from traveling and ready to get onboard. Carrick gave us a little speech about the boat once we loaded up. You pee off the deck and are free to have whatever is in the fridge. We steamed out to sea that night and when we all woke up we were still heading out. Randy set the fishing rods out while we were trolling and caught a small tuna that they served as sashami later.
We finally got to our first surf break around noon and everyone was anxious to get in the water. Carrick anchored the boat inbetween a few small islands which both had surf breaks on them. I opted to surf a break called 4 Bobs because there there weren't too many people surfing there compared to the other break that's not really even named.

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