Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day 03

Andrew @ Bankvaults

Brendan @ Bankvaults

The backdrop at Nipussies would have made for great photos, but the waves were never really that great..

But Andew managed to catch a few...

The captain decided we'd stay up in the Playgrounds region for a few days and sample the waves there. The night before we checked a spot called Bankvaults. It is notorious for big drops and tubes that don't let you out - hence the name. The wind was a little off for there, so Bear drove us around another island to a small reef near a rivermouth. When we pulled up there was a crew of surfers from a nearby land camp on the known wave, but farther down we found another spot to surf. There were two local kids out surfing that quickly got out of the water once we pulled up. I didn't bring a board as I was expecting to shoot photos of Bankvaults so Randy was kind enough to let me use his board while he sat in the boat. The waves at the rivermouth were only about head high with a few waves that were bigger. Andrew, Brendan, Nick and myself traded short little lefts until it got dark. We anchored near the rivermouth break and we awoke to the sound of the chain being pulled up on day three (and every day for that matter).
Brendan, Andrew and our cook Harley got ready right away and charged out at Bankvaults. The wave broke a little farther from the channel than I expected and should have brought the longer lens with me. That morning it was breaking near perfect with a few waves coming in that were nearly double overhead range. Brendan got caught on one and banged his foot against the reef.
Later that day, everyone else decided to surf Nipussies. It too is a right but much more tamer than Bankvaults and only a 1/2 mile up the reef. It provided some great photos because the wave breaks on a corner of the reef where the island sticks out and I was able to get some cool backgrounds in the images. I shot again from the channel, but this time the wave was much closer and Bear drove the boat right up next to the reef. There was even a few times I thought for sure we were going to get hit with a wave, but they would just go right under us without breaking. I quickly learned to trust Bear as my boat driver.
We were pretty surfed out that night and the swell was dropping so Carrick decided to steam over to a spot called Burgerworlds for the night. We'd anchor there and surf it in the morning.

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